Teeth Alignment with Filipino Dental Braces in Dubai

The need for braces can be caused by several problems, especially in kids. Overcrowding of teeth and ultimately overlapping can result in a look that no one wishes to have. Many dental clinics offer services for teeth alignment, but which type of braces to choose is a question that crosses every patient’s mind. Braces are especially necessary tools if you are suffering from gnawing of cheeks, empty spaces between teeth, wisdom tooth problems, overlapping of front teeth and such issues. Easy Dental Clinic offers Filipino dental care where you can get any of the three braces available:

Metal Braces: 

These braces are the most common ones and are mostly used to align teeth in children. Besides being affordable braces, the fact that there is no need for regular change of the braces, and as they give the best results makes metal braces preferred all over the world. Metal braces use body heat to shape gradually and adjust the teeth with time, unlike some other braces that need to be changed at every month or so.


These braces are mostly preferred by adults due to their transparent quality, which makes them almost invisible from a distance. However, these impeccable invisalign braces comes with the need to be changed, in order to be shaped according to the new alignment of the teeth, at regular intervals. Although eating and drinking with the braces is not an issue, the Invisaligns are known to work best on slight alignment problems only.

Colored Braces: 

Some of the best Filipino dentists at Easy Dental Clinic can also help you get Lingual braces for your teeth alignment issues. Although, they are not as cheap as metal braces, they are a better choice than Invisaligns, especially if you do not want to make a monthly visit to the doctor in order to change them every now and then. These braces are tooth colored, and so it makes them almost invisible from the outside.

For the best Filipino dental braces service, call today and book your appointment with our Friendly Filipino dentist at Easy Dental clinic today!


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