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About Us

At easy dental we aim to provide the latest and most cost effective dentistry in a truly comfortable and spacious dental setting here in Dubai. We are committed to whole person dentistry. We believe that prevention is better than cure in the long term.From a simple dental health examination up to the most complex restorative and cosmetic dentistry, you will find easy dental caring and very efficient in providing the best quality dental services available.

We at easy dental are committed to exceeding every patient’s expectations by providing unparalleled service, paying attention to detail, and demonstrating a passion for excellence. Welcome to smooth and well-coordinated dental care with a personal touch.

Our Advantages

Best Hygiene Standard

Our surgeries are designed in a manner that ensures the best cross infection and hygiene standards. For us your health is more important than anything else and there’s no compromising with it.

Advanced Dentistry

Furnished with advanced tools and innovation technologies, maintained at the highest standard, our surgeries provide you with long lasting aesthetic results whilst preserving your tooth structure.

Continuous Education

We encourage our dentists to continually attend further education and stay on top of current research in order to bring the best evidence based dental treatments and the latest techniques in oral hygiene.

Certified Dental Experts

Our dentists from various fields provide all types of dental treatments under one roof. Our team of highly qualified dental experts is trained in all facets of dentistry.

Brilliance in dentistry - Easy Dental Dubai

We at Easy Dental aim to make a positive difference in the lives of youth, children and adults by providing them with the best quality dental care in Dubai. Our dental clinic comprises a team of highly educated , skilled , honest , dedicated and compassionate staff who offer unparalleled customer service. They are attending further education and doing researches so that our dentist clinic is backed up by the best treatments and latest techniques . Our mission is to listen first, educate them on their oral health and then proceed to deliver standard, uncompromised and individualised care.

What makes Dubai dentist different from other clinics is that we provide the best services at affordable cost. We continually strive for excellence and give every patient their deserved respect. For us , our patient’s health is uncompromising. In Dubai, we execute the surgeries in such a manner that it ensures the best cross infection and hygiene standards. Besides, experts carry out the surgeries using advanced devices providing patients with long-lasting aesthetic results.

In short, every step at our dental clinic is taken carefully, with utmost detail and attention to the patient’s needs. We love taking care of our patients. Our professional and committed staff create a dental home for our patients where they get honest assessments regarding their health issues. Moreover, dentists guide patients thoroughly, answer all health-related queries and suggest what is best for them. Easy Dental offers a wide range of services like dental cleaning, cheap cosmetic braces for adults and children and teeth whitening.

Dentist Dubai believes that its understandable dental philosophy will change their patient’s perspective towards dentistry. We strive not only to receive trust and appreciation from our patients, but also to gain recommendations for our service to her family and friends. Easy dental is a well-coordinated , smooth top dental clinic in Dubai that enhances the patient’s standard of living and exceeds their expectations. We are excited to share our journey with you and your family.

Looking for reliable dentists in Dubai?

Easy Dental is here with the best in class dental services provided by trained and experienced professionals. 

  • If you are looking for teeth whitening at the best prices in Dubai, this is the place for you. Our procedure takes approximately two hours and gives your teeth the shine and colour it had lost. 
  • We offer the best long-term and healthy option to replace your missing teeth as well. 
  • Dubai best orthodontist are available and are really helpful to improve the shape of your teeth and give you the perfect smile. 
  • Root canal therapy is also performed with the utmost care to save the remaining tooth structure of damaged ones. 
  • We perform teeth bonding to close small gaps and restore minor chips. 
  • Gum reshaping is done for people with low or uneven gum levels. 
  • Porcelain veneers and crowns are available to close gaps, lighten teeth colour and to restore severely broken pieces.

All these services are offered, keeping in mind the best hygiene standards and the use of latest technologies in the field of dentistry. 

We are passionate and committed to helping our patients in maintaining the perfect smile. We offer our services across three branches located in Karama, Rigga and Satwa. Visit us for a happy smile.

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